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Scheduling Games

Once a long tournament starts, you will be assigned to play matches against other players. You can view all tournament matches from the Tournaments In Progress section on the main tournament page. will also create a new Forum for each tournament and matches will be posted there. You will also receive all posts to the forum by email. Anyone will be able to view this forum, but only players in the tournament can post. You should use the forum to schedule your matches with your opponents. When scheduling times, you should always indicate what time zone you are in. uses the Eastern Standard Time (EST), so players might want to use that when expressing times. By scheduling matches in the forum, other players can know when to show up to watch, and they might also want to schedule their games around the same time. Tournament directors also need to know when matches are scheduled in case players have problems completing their match. If you and your opponent can't finish your match before the time limit, the tournament directors decide the outcome, so make sure you show up and play.

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