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Playing Games

When the tournament starts, a new game room lobby will be created just for the tournament. When you login to play you will have a choice to enter the tournament lobby, or the main lobby. You must play your tournament games in the tournament lobby! By playing in the tournament lobby, the game will be recorded as part of the tournament, and your standings will be updated. The correct timers will also be enforced, so you don't have to remember to do anything except login to the correct lobby and play with your assigned opponent.

  1. What if my opponent is disconnected?
    If a player is disconnected while playing, they will have 7 minutes to return. If the player does not return within 7 minutes, will give you the option to cancel the game or force a forfeit. If you wish to continue waiting, they should NOT choose either option. If the player returns, then the options will automatically go away and the game will resume. It is completely at your discretion what action to take. If it is an isolated occurrence, it is suggested that you be sporting and continue to wait for a few more minutes. But if it is an ongoing problem in the match or if the player does not return within 10 minutes or more, forcing a forfeit is appropriate in order to prevent abuse of this allowance.
  2. Are undo's allowed?
    The use of the undo request is permitted, but an opponent is NOT obligated to ACCEPT the request, regardless of how ridiculous the placement of the stone is. In a tournament, accidentally dropping a stone is like taking a hand off after a move while playing in person. The opponent can ALLOW the player to take back the move, but is not obligated to do so.
  3. Can I watch other players tournament games?
    Yes, anyone is allowed to watch games in progress, as long as the table is public. However, comments should be avoided at the table where a tournament game is being played, there are plenty of other places to chat! Table owners are free to boot chatty players, and/or make the table private.
  4. What if there is a dispute during our tournament game?
    All disputes must be brought to the attention of the tournament directors immediately.
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