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Playing Turn-based Games

Playing turn-based games is a great alternative to playing live games. Some players prefer to play these games for a variety of reasons. Here are a few reasons I like turn-based games.
  • You can choose to play whenever you like, if you only have a few minutes a day you can log in and see what games are ready for you to make a move.
  • You can play a very good game, since you and your opponent have lots of time to analyze each move (if you want!)
  • You can play players who are in different time zones easier. If you and your opponent are on opposite sides of the globe, it can be difficult to find a good time for both of you to get on and play a live game.

You can start a turn-based game in a few different ways:
  • Click "Waiting Games" from the main page to see games that other players have posted, click the Game name and then click "Accept".
  • Create a new game by clicking "Play Turn-based" from the main page, then "Start a new game". You can then invite a specific player or choose to post your game to the Waiting games area for anyone to accept.
  • Invite a specific player to a game from that players profile
Rated turn-based games at have one big difference from live games. Rated turn-based games must be played in a "set" of 2 games, one game you play as player 1, and one game you play as player 2. In order for you to "win" you must win both games. If you and your opponent each win one game the set is a draw and no rating change is made.

Timeouts and vacation

Turn-based timeouts per move are set to a number of days and take into account weekends and vacation days. Weekends are set to Saturday and Sunday by default but this can be changed in your profile.

Each player also gets 10 vacation days each year and can, optionally, purchase more. Vacation days are floating, this means that when a game is set to timeout, and the player has vacation days left, 1 hour is deducted from those vacation days and the timeout is postponed by an hour. If another game is set to timeout 20 minutes later, then its timeout is postponed by 40 minutes until the end of the vacation hour that was deducted. All games that are to timeout during that hour of vacation time have their timeouts moved to the end of that hour. This continues until the player runs out of vacation days.

On January 1st of each year, every player's vacation time is reset to 10 days.

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