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My Profile

After you join, all your information is stored in My Profile. You can edit all information in your profile except for your player name, that must stay the same. Other players can view the information in your profile as well, but only you can modify it.

If you donate money to, you will be able to change the color your name displays in when you log into the game room. The color of your name is configurable at My Profile. You will also be able to upload a picture for your account.

There are also a number of configuration preferences you can modify through My Profile | Preferences. You can setup the size for the game room window, set a refresh page time for turn-based games and the Who's online page, setup how Messages are emailed to you, configure turn-based game settings and manage any players who you are ignoring.

If you are trying to configure the forums, there is a link to Forum Settings from My Profile. For example, you may wish to stop receiving News via email, that is configurable through the forums.

If you no longer wish to play at and want to delete your player permanently you can also do so through My Profile.

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