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Topic: P2 hall of fame games
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Re: P2 hall of fame games
Posted: Oct 24, 2009, 6:03 PM

Hey Zoey. Cool, I was hoping someone would take a look at my solutions and maybe suggest some that I've missed or point out if mine don't work. A few of these games were frustrating to analyze because I could not identify a clear "mistake" that white made down the road which shifted the game into black's favor. So, working backwards from the end, I kept going back until I could find a move where I was confident that an alternate would be a winning move. In a few of these cases I had to go back to move 2, or 3 which means, I guess, that the opening was just doomed from the start -- or I just couldn't find something better that would definitely work.

As for that 2. K13 suggestion, yes I was just suggesting one alternate line in each case that I was confident about. There are likely several 2nd moves that all win after greater or lesser difficulties. You know how I feel about 2. N11, I feel that it is NOT the strongest response -- however it should still be a winning move. Both of the 3rd moves that you suggested after 2. N11, P10 should be winning moves also. However, this is a difficult opening from here and black has several different ways to make this position extremely complex and difficult for white to beat. In my opinion, a move like 2. K13 yields a much more straightforward path to victory.

For similar reasons I also do not like 2. K14 or 2. N12. First, 2. K14 is always a weak move -- the 2nd stone is too far away and yields pretty much only one useful shape. Often times this is still good enough to win, but it's never the best option. Second, 2. N12 is similar to 2. N11 -- it's off axis and does not easily convert into the strongest shapes. It's unnecessarily complex when 2. K13 is more straightforward.

Maybe there's some specific ways to attack 2. K13 that I'm forgetting, but even if the line becomes more complex than anticipated, it should still win.


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Re: P2 hall of fame games
Posted: Oct 25, 2009, 6:32 AM

N11 and N12 are winning moves
You can investigate games from SUPER PENTE Tournament at brainking to know more about this opening.

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