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Topic: Daniel vs. Comberrel
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Replies: 2   Views: 39,001   Pages: 1  

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Daniel vs. Comberrel
Posted: Oct 2, 2014, 9:30 PM

Event "John A Brown Tournament"
GameType "Pente"
Site "Stillwater Oklahoma"
Date "1983.10.30"
Round "2"
White "Greg Daniel"
Black "David Comberrel"
Result "0-1"
Comment "Annotated by David Comberrel."

1. K10 L7
2. K7 L9
3. L8 M9

Comment "The Wedge Opening, followed by the Exchange Defence."

4. K9 J6*
5. N9* K8
6. J9 K11*
7. M6* M9
8. L11 L10
9. N8 N10
10. K10? ...

Comment "A dangerous attempt to seize the initiative, sacrificing a pair when two captures have already been taken for each side. The 'safe and sane' move is 10. N7, with a good chance of getting the initiative."

... L8?

Comment "One of my 'unusually tentative' errors. This move fixes the pair but gives White a well-placed free stone. Better is 10. ... J12 11. H13 N7* 12. N8 M12!, and it is unlikely that White, behind 2-3 on captures, can retain the initiative."

11. K7 H8?

Comment "Another tentative error. I was so reluctant to give up my flexibility that I failed to play the correct line: 11. ... J12 12. H13 N7* 13. N8 H8. Note that, thanks to Black's 10th move, M12 is no longer playable because of J7 (a scissortail) followed by L7, with two open threes."

12. N7! K8
13. J8 L6!


Comment "This is the critical position, in which I attacked the double keystone and Greg overlooked the threat. Since 14. G8 would now lose for White after 14. ... H9* 15. K7 J8 16. M8 O8*, White is left with two possible defences: (A) 14. M8* and (B) H9. Variation (A) leads to a brilliant win for Black as follows: 14. M8*? L8 (this threatens 15. ... J12 16. H13 H9* 17. K7 O8* 18. N8 L5*) 15. O8 (apparently the best) H9* 16. K7 J12 17. H13 L9! 18. L7 O6* 19. N7 J7 and wins. Or, in this line, 18. K9* L9* 19. L7 O6*. Black wins. (B) On the other hand, White wins brilliantly with 14. H9!. For example, if Black tries 14. ... G9 15. M8* J12 16. H13 L12 17. O8 wins for White. The crucial line after 14. H9! is 14. ... L7 15. L9! (necessary, as 15. M8*? J8 16. H13 L8! 17. L9 L6* 18. N8 L5* wins for Black). 15. ... L5 16. L4 J12 17. H13 G9 (Black plays this since otherwise White goes here.) 18. J11 M8 19. K6* M8 20. J7 K9* 21. M11 and White wins. Or here, 20. ... J10 21. L12*. Instead ..."

14. O8? H9*
15. K7 J8
16. G10* J8

Comment "White resigns."


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Re: Daniel vs. Comberrel
Posted: Oct 8, 2014, 1:51 AM

Thanks for adding this game sandsquish; always nice to see old school analysis in alphanumeric notation. I've put it into a move sequence applet format below which makes it easier for me to follow along without a board in front of me.

P.S. - the analysis text should read "this threatens 15. ...J12 16. H13 H9*"

P.P.S. - added boards for several of the variants as well...

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Re: Daniel vs. Comberrel
Posted: Oct 8, 2014, 2:33 AM

That does work better, doesn't it?

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