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Topic: tournament turnout
Replies: 20   Views: 91,313   Pages: 2   Last Post: Oct 31, 2004, 9:05 AM by: galeenster

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Re: tournament turnout
Posted: Sep 30, 2004, 12:04 AM

You know Dmitri, I think what it really boils down to is that, in the end, people just really don't give a shi!t. It's unfortunate, but I think it's true. Most people (but not all!) seem lazy, and apathetic towards the future of pente. Will this change? I doubt it. Will I continue to study the game and play as often and as well as possible? Yes! That's all I can do. I love pente! I will support the game in any way that I can. Will this change the future of the game. Nope. Not until people start giving a sh!t, which I doubt is ever going to happen.

Pente is dead. Which is too bad. Cause the game RULES! Does anyone care? Yeah, I didn't think so...


what's funny is that I'm still looking forward to the next live tournament. No matter what, I'll be there. The Brf says he'll be there too. Who else will make it this time? I'd like to hope for more than 20-30 people, but that's a pipe dream. I wish I could smoke it. A killer "pipe" dream like that would get ya high. heheheheheh.


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Re: tournament turnout
Posted: Sep 30, 2004, 2:51 AM

PENTE ROCKS!!!!!!!! And is alive and well in my world!

haha "BRF SUCKS" is written on my damn pente board LMFAO

Hey Snut I say the next one should be on the East or West coast

And we should make Vegas an annual event! VEGAS ROCKS!


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Re: tournament turnout
Posted: Sep 30, 2004, 4:47 AM

Ok, let me say that this has officially become a silly topic. There's no reason why the recent tournament should be considered a disappointment based solely on turnout. There's absolutely no reason for anyone to be upset at anyone else about anything regarding the tournament. And there's certainly no reason for anyone to be upset that someone else is upset at someone else about the tournament!! Whew! All that matters is that a tournament was held and was successfully completed and as far as I know, everyone involved had a blast!! Seriously, I don't know of anyone who went to Vegas that actually had a bad time there. Dmitri had a blast. I had a blast. Tom, Patricia, Mike, Bob, Scott -- everyone had a great time!! Not only was there excellent pente going on face to face, but we were in Vegas!! Hello! I mean if anyone can spend a weekend there and not have a good time they should check their pulse. So based on those criteria, I feel that the tournament was a huge success and I just wish people would stop griping and start coming back to DSG and have some fun. I wish I could take control of IYT, pente.net and brainking, take down the whole site and just put a link on their main page that points to DSG. This place is where it's at!


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Re: tournament turnout
Posted: Oct 7, 2004, 5:28 PM

Snut you suck! you spammed partica's board with another Brf sucks??! I wonder how many people came away from that vegas tourney with that on their board (if you people could only see how karked the original board snut and I have bean playing on for the last 14 years is, you'd understand. My personal favorite is the 'snut sucks *** lightning bolts' and also snut's side of the board which denotes 'a loser sites here'. of course I've got the 'Brf cheats' on my side (only because I once won with a five in a row and had captured 9 of snut's stones....what's wrong with that I say??)

nothing says love like a little pente board graffiti. Now I have to somehow get ahold of Partica's board for 30 seconds and do a much needed touchup! It's supposed to say 'Brf Rules!'



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From: My Own Lil World Mostly
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Re: tournament turnout
Posted: Oct 8, 2004, 1:59 AM

Oh Man!!We could always arrange that! LMAO


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Re: tournament turnout
Posted: Oct 31, 2004, 9:05 AM

In the defense of Pente and it's players........The generation that grew up playing pente now have jobs, families and other commitments and if I weren't a single mom of a 3,4 and 5 year old I would be more than happy to got more involved. I do travel with my board and try to introduce people to the game whenever possible. I did drag iamsam (John) to the tourney in Vegas.

My gameboard is about to make its' 3rd trip down to Costa Rica next week. Nothing better than sitting on a beach with some friends, cold drinks and a pente board.

And I'm working on getting my kids playing instead of eating the pieces.

But I would be more than happy to help with events when possible. And I will make every effort to attends tourneys.

Pente isn't dead.......the new generation just isn't old enough or rich enough to travel for tourneys.

I think making Vegas an annual event is a great idea. Although I would work on having it at a hotel on the strip and booking a group rate and using one of the rooms for a tourney. If everyone from the last tourney had stayed in one place we could have gotten a great rate. Also, it is usually cheaper after labor day. We could have it by the pool at Mandalay Bay in September. And hotels like that have sizable guest rooms for indoor tourneys.

Just a thought.
I had fun and will go again.

And if there is a tourney in the Pacific Northwest, I might try to make it. My brother lives in Seattle and I could take the kids on a road trip and make a stop to play a game or two. And yes, most of you would kick my butt, but I just enjoy the challenge.

Gaylan (galeenster on pente.net)


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