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Topic: Tournament apathy
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Re: Tournament apathy
Posted: Jun 22, 2004, 6:50 PM


You make very good points, and I basically agree with everything you said. However, Player 1 is beatable in over the board play, and not by trickery in my opinion (and yes, I realize player 1 should never lose). It will be done by planning lines (in my opinion, the first 3-4 moves) that are not used often, or never, and exploiting any weakness that you can find afterwards. This to me isn't really trickery, it's preparedness. Humans are fallable, and we can not play perfectly every game as player 1 (I play brf and ilurath over the board all the time, and we all end up losing a few games as player 1 over time - due to KILLER play by player 2). There for, player 2 MUST have a plan to exploit this. A good example of this is RichardIII's play lately. He has come up with some amazing lines as player 2 through practice and analysis. He hasn't "tricked" anyone in to losing as player 2. He's beat us!

One more thing: I plan on beating Dmitri as player 2, more than once.



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Re: Tournament apathy
Posted: Jun 23, 2004, 5:34 AM

this is a great point. examine just the first TWO moves of rich's win against me. he was prepared and i wasnt, and i invested too much energy in the opening batch of moves as a result.

people who go in with no plan as p2 will find it tough, so be prepared!


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Re: Tournament apathy
Posted: Dec 20, 2004, 6:17 PM

In Poland there were 3 pente tournaments in 5 last monates. About 30 players played in this tours.if u want to play in tours visit Poland

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