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Topic: Ultimate Pente Tool
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Replies: 2   Views: 29,983   Pages: 1  

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Ultimate Pente Tool
Posted: Sep 17, 2007, 9:16 PM

For some time now I've had a dream for a Pente analysis tool that expands upon the current game database.

The exciting part to me would be to allow the community to communicate back to the tool, instead of the current view-only nature of the game database.

What I mean is that any user could go and add notes to any game position, like a forum post. Notes could be about a particular game, or why this is the best move, etc. Furthermore those notes could be linked to a set of future moves, or a past game. Viewers could use the tool to see the notes and learn from other users.

It could be used to store all the paths that you would normally play, sort of like a community "opening book" that evolves as much as users get involved and expand it. You could post what you think are good moves from a game you just played, and any counter-responses. Other players could see those and analyze the moves and "vote"/comment why they agree or disagree.

I could see it eventually mapping out whole sub-paths of the game, to "prove" certain opening lines are unbeatable. This would only better the game of pente in my opinion.

I've thought of it off and on for a few years and can never quite figure out in my head how it would all work. I would like to make it like a game in a way, where you could post what you think is a winning line of play. By doing so you would get "points" of some kind. If another player views the post and can prove that the line is not a winning line they would steal those points somehow. The points could encourage participation.

I just thought I'd put the idea out here, maybe someone else has additional ideas I haven't thought about. I am not saying I'm going to do this because it would be a big undertaking. But I wonder how many people would find this a useful tool?


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Re: Ultimate Pente Tool
Posted: Sep 17, 2007, 11:38 PM

Wow! very cool idea, i love it!


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Re: Ultimate Pente Tool
Posted: Dec 1, 2007, 7:31 PM

This sounds much like I was writing to Mark Mammel about last year. I was thinking about using your own personal program like his windows pente program with a expandable database like you have here and then have the ability to create your own notes on lines of play at certain key moves which would have most relevance I suppose for openings. People could exchange their notes on lines of play/analysis of positions and personal databases could be created.
I immediatly started getting bogged down with too many ideas to throw back at Mark and realized that I should learn how to program this myself instead of bothering him about it and then realized that I would likely never get started on learning Java, etc., and doing anything.
This would be a very good way for average players to learn the tricks and traps of pente strategy much quicker though, I agree.
Right now I can't even get into the gameroom here with my new computer anymore though and I can't see how anything got changed with my Java configuration.
Maybe players could set up dpente openings with a challenge like "Hail to he/she who can beat this opening as white in x number of moves" with some set time limit. Then if no one can beat the challenge the challenger must change sides and play the former opponents and meet his first challenge in order to earn or lose points by winning or losing the original challenge.

Replies: 2   Views: 29,983   Pages: 1  
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