Pente (and variants) puzzles!

Many thanks to these briliant puzzle writers! And thanks also to mmammel for digging out puzzles from old USPA newsletters and to sjustice for offering to put his puzzles up here. Many more to come!

Watsu and up2ng Poof-Pente puzzle
Ninthlife by Scott Justice
One Way by Rolie Tesh (from old USPA newsletter)
Crossbow by Tom Braunlich (from old USPA newsletter)

Watsu and up2ng's Poof-Pente puzzle
Click the button below to launch the puzzle. If you think you have a solution, send the solution to watsu to see, (use email player through

In this puzzle it is blacks turn to move. You must show a solution where white plays optimally (prolongs the game as much as possible), and black wins in the fewest number of moves (which watsu claims would be on move 64)!

Ninthlife by Scott Justice
Copied with permission from Scott. This is one "he" considers easy. White to move and win in 5 moves (that is 5 white moves).

One Way by Rollie Tesh
White to move and win in 4 moves (that is 4 white moves).

Crossbow by Tom Braunlich
White to move and win in 5 moves (that is 5 white moves). There are two different solutions to this one.