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Topic: Loading game in db
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Replies: 1   Views: 27,173   Pages: 1  

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Loading game in db
Posted: Apr 9, 2019, 10:53 PM

Currently, when you are searching a position in the db, if you choose to load a game with that position by clicking "load" in the results at the bottom, it puts the game up on the board at the final position. This is awkward, because I almost never want to see the final position--I want to pick up the game at the position I searched for, so I have to rewind to the beginning and advance a bunch a moves. Would it be easy to change the code so that the game loads from the current position on the board?

Another, much more challenging question I have is whether it's possible to search for game positions up to isometry. Currently if you search K10 K9 K7, you will see results for that position as well as K10 L10 N10, K10 K11 K13, and K10 J10 G10. But it won't show you results from K10 K8 K7, which is "essentially" the same (the only difference being the role the edge of the board might play, but this almost never matters). The fancy term is that they are isometric--one can be obtained from the other via a sequence of rotations, reflections and translations. Anyway, I always have to load two boards and go back and forth between the tabs. If only there were a better way...

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Re: Loading game in db
Posted: Apr 11, 2019, 10:40 AM

I will look into it, can't make promises on a time table though and the db is in need of an overhaul as well.

Translations is an isometry that's not accounted for, and that would need more study to include, and if included, all old games would need to be rehashed.

Another iso(something) that's not considered is equal positions with equal captures, but where the captures occurred at different moments in the game are also not considered equal. This I find a bit more of a shame.

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