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Topic: Dweebo's TODO List
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Replies: 11   Views: 30,439   Pages: 1  

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Dweebo's TODO List
Posted: Mar 3, 2005, 2:39 PM

So, I might as well track my TODO's here so all can see.

Turn-based tournaments

Allow players to withdraw from tournaments before they start (partica)

Allow user-entered games into DSG game database (brf's idea).

Investigate different methods to speed up the computer opponent.
Purchased better server processor to help some

Auto-accept undo's within 5 seconds of play, based on user preference

Idle time for logged in players, time spent logged in also

Track maximum rating achieved for games as an established player (chuck2).

Allow BOTH players to be disconnected from server to return and be able to resume game.
Currently if both players are disconnected, server cancels the game.

Once above is done, create a recovery mode to check when the server starts if the server
crashed previously with any games in progress, if so recover the moves, players and create those tables on startup.
Almost all the data needed is in log files, just need a few tweaks and code to read them in, setup tables...

Add ability for donors (or everyone?) to change the name of a table. (tragedy's idea).

Create a new db client
a. New client
b. Pretty much same as before, but displays info about game when loaded
c. Not sure how easy the tables will be to code...

Add additional features to db client
a. filter by player rating
b. filter by speed/not speed/both

Create graphs of DSG activity.
a. game room players logged in
b. games played
c. new registrations
X d. player ratings over time

New stats template with interesting stats, updated not in real-time
a. top rated pente player
b. most total games played
c. most active player (most games played against non AI)
d. longest active streak
e. Update how often? and to memory, or db table?

When in tournament table, show current match status (if one is going on) (jhs55)

Upgrade forums
- Show number of "views" a thread gets
- Forum signatures

3, 4 player pente? How hard would this be I wonder...
Lots of things to consider
a. Rated games allowed? If so, need new formulas
b. Lookup games in db allowed, probably not right away?
c. Probably create a new game type 3 Player Pente, 4 Player Pente and speed
as well
d. Undos, cancels, require acceptance from all players
e. Sitting constant changes from 3 to 5, make sure 3's not hard-coded anywhere
f. All server validation has to make sure methods like allPlayersSitting,
sittingPlayers, playingPlayers, etc. account for > 2 players.
g. When player booted, who decides fate of game, everyone has to agree?
h. Need > 2 colors, preferences
i. Move history needs to know about this, game board probably needs changes
for this
j. Table view in main room needs to change
k. Player returning code might have to change a bit, since > 1 player could
be disconnected.
l. GridState code needs to handle this as well.
m. Can different players pieces be captured together?
...many more I'm sure

Completed tasks:

X Add a section for Pente puzzles. (watsu's idea).
a. Add old pente newsletter puzzles (Mark sent them to me already)
b. Add other player donated puzzles.

X Player rankings displayed with player stats everywhere, including in the game room player list.

X Investigate possible bug in invite dialog not appearing.

X Finish implementing turn-based games and allow access by all players.

X Turn on/off the end game sounds with the audio alert checkbox property.

X 1. changes to server to handle multiple tournament formats.
X - swiss format
X - double elimination

X 2. Increase donor picture size
X a. I think for performance reasons, it might be better to have client
X load picture from web page, instead of sending it through socket
X Hunch is that many small changes to profile cause pictures to get sent
X again and again, slowing things down.

X 3. Add more donor name colors
X Add color wheel clickable, also allow #FFFFFF html colors
X But need way to check that not to "light", invisible users

X 4. Add dummy classes that jws tries to load
X 5. Who's online page

x 8. Create a way to view players games from their profile
x a. List all games, recent games, by game type
x b. Links to games go to new db client, or slightly modified version that
x shows the game and all data in an applet.

X 11. Speed tournies

x 13. Better invite dialog, place for text message to/from

X 14. Ratings in player list, for Pente I guess

X 15. robots.txt

X 17. Upgrade to JDK5.0, Tomcat 5.5

X 19. Make the helpwin.jsp return a last-mod-date - performance issue

XX 20. Add thread priorities, ai-low, game server threads-high

X 21. Investigate why it takes so long to load moves on the board when joining a table.
Due to switching timers on/off so many times quickly, modified server to send all moves in a bunch instead of one-by-one.

X 22. Auto-swap after game

X 25. Provide more feedback to players when in game table about when to click play, click sit, etc.

X 28. Add DSG policy regarding what is acceptable behavior to registration page, and also put it in getting started guide.

X 29. Don't allow DB searches when playing rated game.

X 30. Rework the code that holds "venue" info for games, takes over a minute to run db query now because has to do a full scan of all games to find round/section info for all tournaments. In only runs once an hour, but runs on startup and is very annoying. Plus alot of other code relies on it. Create a new module/db table that can quickly determine all sites+events+rounds+sections and can create new ones.
Actually I just rewrote some of code, and added better indexes to achieve better performance on this, now takes about 3-4 seconds instead of over a minute.

X 31. Upgrade mysql jdbc drivers to 3.1.9.

X 34. Provide a DSG clock in the game room and on web pages somewhere. Mainly to aid those scheduling tournament matches due to many different time zones. (frenchafry and others suggestion).

X 35. Extending the above. Not sure of details but store a players timezone with profile. Can view another players timezone and +- hours difference from you on profile.

x 37. Allow DSG messages to be sent out to the players email address (and also allow sent messages to be sent as well).

x 39. Client timer bug (emerald)

x 40. Don't boot players from double-elimination tournament with just one forfeit.

x 41. Investigate audio alert bug after moves (emerald)

x 42. Option to allow bigger popup window of lobby.

x 43. Add names to the different rating classes for games (currently just have colors). (chuck2).

Message was edited by: dweebo at Sep 17, 2007 3:51 PM

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Re: Dweebo's TODO List
Posted: Mar 14, 2005, 11:55 PM

I have noticed that the auto-swap feature doesn't work quite as well when playing D-Pente.

Capture the seat1 and seat2 state when the game STARTS, and this should be fixed. I think...


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Re: Dweebo's TODO List
Posted: Mar 16, 2005, 2:55 PM

Good catch, I have this coded, should go up in the next few days.


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Re: Dweebo's TODO List
Posted: Apr 15, 2005, 3:11 AM

Hi Dweebo , You have been doing an outstanding job lately!I have been having trouble in the game history page. When i scrool back 25 games at a time to see who has played lately the same games keep appearing even though it says 26-50. This has been going on for sometime. I think I mentioned this once before to you. Do you have an easy remedy for this inconvenience...? Thanks Del


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Re: Dweebo's TODO List
Posted: Apr 20, 2005, 1:41 PM

Delgrs bug is fixed.

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Re: Dweebo's TODO List
Posted: May 12, 2005, 6:40 AM

I hesitate to say what my "big" long-term goals are for development at DSG, mostly because I don't know definitely, and even more so because then it might not happen, due to time constraints, etc., and I look like I'm all talk.

But....I also have some interesting ideas for the future!

I have decided I want to create a 2nd, improved game room client. I have been thinking of that for years, but recently I realized that I could port my code from AWT to Swing incrementally (reuse my custom AWT components for awhile), that makes it much easier to develop a new client, I don't have to redo EVERYTHING.

Some of the major feature additions I want to add:
1. Make DSG act sort of like an instant messenger application for players who want that:
a. DSG could live in tray icon, players can stay logged into DSG all day if they want.
b. Optionally can get notifications (sounds, popups) about players joining/exiting and of new chat messages while DSG is minimized in system tray
c. Optionally could accept/send messages privately to other players, and invite players
d. Players can have idle time, time spent online, and have away messages.
So this would hopefully encourage players to stay around longer, and to make it easier to get a game in, easier to schedule tournament games, and also would make it easier for DSG admins to be available to help players.

2. Better chat window features
smileys, colors, resizable, private messages, that sort of thing.

3. Snazzy graphics for game board.

4. Games history integration with unrated games. If a game is unrated, allow option that if both players agree, games history information would display directly on the board! So you'd be playing a game, but you'd also see the full history of each move you play, would be fun for analysis and learning.

Sounds pretty cool huh!


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Re: Dweebo's TODO List
Posted: May 12, 2005, 6:31 PM

wow .... the new up-grades are great ...... the sounds made me roll on the floor...... very funny

keep up the great work ..... & like the new ideas you just posted ......


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Re: Dweebo's TODO List
Posted: Sep 17, 2007, 10:16 PM

I added/updated this TODO list a bit, I looked for it earlier but couldn't find it.


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Re: Dweebo's TODO List
Posted: Jan 23, 2010, 12:34 AM

im not demanding you do these, just trying to be helpful in notifying of things i noticed.

a to do list for dweebo;

in the tournaments tab;
update current tournament champs.

in the carson75's tourney page;
fix the "View Games in Games History" link for all sections.
i assume this goes for the other tourneys too.

correct the code for tournament play to;
be rated at all times
auto switch seats after game 1 of 2 completes
update results correctly to the tournament game win loss count

in zoeyk's melanie's richardiii's pente_fun's rating error from the tourney games;
adjust the ratings for these players as they were forced to play the rounds unrated
when it was supposed to be rated. take into account if any of these players have played rated since then.

have up2ng notify us if the code will not be fixed in time for the seventh heaven's release date.

in the analysis forum;
help me to figure out why the board on the post 14 posts down is broken, link here;

in the Help section;
the tutorials section is missing, so remove the tutorials link until a new tutorial is made.

in the "main room" section in the /help section;
add in a paragraph explaining the new feature to ignore player chat, and ignore player invites.

i'll add more as i think of them...


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Re: Dweebo's TODO List
Posted: Mar 7, 2010, 8:18 PM

When a player leaves, as in gets disconnected, or disconnects themself; a small window appears and at the end of 7 minutes, there is a list of three options.

This is a cool feature and well explained. But as you know, under that 7 minutes, there is only one option for the player who remains in the table: Resign.

However, sometimes, especially playing new players, its obvious when they are faced with an unthreatened open-4, they just split. They were not disconnected. So the current default of waiting 7 minutes is a waste of time in that circumstance.

So, if there were two options (both "Resign" and "Cancel Game") available as soon as the player gets "disconnected", the player still at the table could cancel and start playing someone else right away.


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Re: Dweebo's TODO List
Posted: Mar 8, 2010, 2:48 AM

good point jack.

i'd even take it a step further (if i had time). it would be trivial in a case like that to determine that you had a win on the next move and allow you to force the resignation.


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Re: Dweebo's TODO List
Posted: Mar 11, 2010, 10:25 PM

jeez dweebo! you are a busy man!
however, if you can squeeze it into your list...... a time stamp for invites sure would be a nice feature

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