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Topic: 16th Annual WCT - Feedback\Thoughts
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16th Annual WCT - Feedback\Thoughts
Posted: Nov 2, 2017, 10:42 PM

so 16 forfeits over 5 rounds with 24 people originally signed up right? I'm just as guilty so I've no complaints for choosing to bow out. Though I was wondering if it is in pente.orgs best interest to even try something like this in future. Live play is fun but doing a tournament with this current format (at 2 years and counting) is probably not beneficial.

I think live play is fun for that one on one fast play feeling and needs to be around just for the times when folks can meet up here and get that right now over and done with...classic experience of "pente in the tube, with the glass stones". Though if the game room occupancy these days is any indicator, I tend to agree with Dmitri that this site is more turn-based these days so a live tournament aspect seems in review not really feasible (unless some HARD built-in and enforcible time limits are in place...no excuses, you miss the window you're screwed period.)

Something really needs to change in the time limits area in order to enforce a timely completion, Rainwolf shouldn't need to get on individual message boards and constantly nag players to set a time....this is a fail.

That's just my take with this last "2015" Live tournament and some of the things I noticed about playing in it.


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