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Topic: Data Base Upgrade Ideas, by: The Community
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Replies: 1   Views: 1,236   Pages: 1  

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Data Base Upgrade Ideas, by: The Community
Posted: Aug 13, 2014, 10:08 PM

You are viewing a thread Originally created by player: Illusion.
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the title speaks for its self.

Rated or Unrated?
1. show if game was rated or not with out having to click the txt link. clicking the txt link often results in the loss of prior moves that were set up on the data base page's playable board when trying to go back to it.

Tracking position's unique views
2 show how many times a position has been viewed both in total views, and or total "unique" user views. also be able to filter this by date and time, to see over a time frame when and by how much the position is being aware by users.
also create a visual graph to show the traffic and pattern to see the fluctuation and flow of community study in varying areas of the game's tree. this can help us to understand many different interesting things. i'll leave that to your imagination.
wow alot of people are viewing your games, your popular to look to for answers. or, wow, alot of players are studying you for weakness becuase they are plotting on you to take you down! or, you published a semi secret line recently, and want to use it again possibly, but want to make sure it hasnt been noticed yet by players before commiting to pulling it again. checking to see if the jig is up. like a sniper determining if hes been compromized before relocating from his cozy shooting position.

Ranks vs ranks. weed out the rookies, or....

3. filter searches by rating level. adjustable of both minimum and maximum filters for ranks. have this filter option for both P1 and P2. so that different ranges vs each other can search if desired. or simply make both players ranges the same. nice to have the option i think.

Rated/Unrated devided
4. filter by rated, unrated, or both combined.

Combining data base types
5. turn based and live timed and speed and g pente and d pente can be combined in a pente search. or separated in varying combinations or singularly if combining all of these is not desired.

The speed of human thought
6. show how many minutes/seconds elapsed in between each move made in live play. helps to show what kind of things might slow down opponents thoughts. shows what lines opponent had time troubles in.

Did you undo?
7. show if player requested undo at which move. if undone, show what move was the previous move they undid.

Customized player grouping search
8. filter not by only one players name, filter by unlimited number of names. ide like to be able to put all names of only the best over the last 10 years perhaps. a custom list. or perhaps im in a tourney, i want to put all players names in the search that are in the tourney, and see how they all react to a move in a single search. and with out having to see a thousand other players names of bad games that clutter the results. a good way to clean up the search in a group of opponents. there are other good uses for this too. use imagination.
also, the list of several names i put, i want to save as my custom search. i want to have multiple custom searches saved so i don't need to re-enter this info all the time.
60 names being typed is not a task you will want to do daily.

also this can help to compare 2 players moves to see if they play the same, to see if maybe this is the same player playing under an alt name.

Moves have threads?
9. allow player to attach comments to moves. like a forum. a data base forum. a thread for every move waiting to be started basically.

Personal editable data base copies.
10. allow players to have a copy of the data base in their profile. this copy will be private to them. they can add or delete, edit moves in this data base copy of theirs. allow players to share this personal data base via private message, or publicly in the forum for all to view if desired. have option to allow all , or just certain players to also edit your personal board copy. this can become a public project to redesign a certain style of data base. this can be used for so many different amazing ideas.

What would AI do?
11. have AI built into the data base to allow you to have the AI to search for best next move from desired position.

my favorite games and positions.
12. be able to be at a position, and add position to a favorites list of favorite positions for quick future retrieval.
also, a little bit different here, be able to jump from a loaded data base game to the same game in the players profile so that you can easily save this game to browser's favorites list for fast retrieval. or simply have a internal site favorites list to load it from when desired.

Red flag! False endings.
13. when you find a game that had a false ending, be able to put a red flag on the game to notify others of a false ending. meaning, say P1 had the win, but timed out, or resigned the game, or got disconnected, and thus lost, the game will not show the true winner of that line.
being able to put red flags will be only for players with a 1900 rating and above. and 1900+ editors can have this ability removed from them if they are caught abusing it by inaccurately flagging games.
be able to re-tally win/loss ratios using new red flag data added into the statistics, hopefully giving a more accurate ratio. and be able to turn off red flag data to see original results with out it.

Small and Dark Red, WTH? <----Rainwolf and Zoeyk fixed this one already!
14. and, why the hell is the data base board a tiny dark red board? lol some ones gotta agree with me there! its got to be changed... needs to be bigger,.. and tan colored.... and hey, why can't i just have a nifty color pallet to chose my own color? thanks!

Why a double click?
15. why do i gotta double click to place a stone. my poor clicking finger... can we just make it a single click?

The wheel on the mouse goes round and round...
16. can we have it so i scroll the mouse wheel to go forward and backward through moves? beats the heck out going rapid fire on the arrow keys..

oooOOOOooo Shows Threat Colors!!!!!
17. can the data base board show threats in colors? like 3s, 4s, or pairs in atari threats, ext... a must have add on!

Updating from Brainking.com, ...and Pente.net????
18. So like, can we get the games updated from BK? from 2007,2008,2009,2010,2011, and so on... its not hard to extract this from BK. takes about 5 minutes. not sure how long it takes to upload into Pente.org tho. not sure what editing to the files must be done. very little im guessing since they are in fact dsg files...
get with the Pente.net owner if possible and buy out his data base from him. very valuable data hiding over there.

You goina make me walk?
19. when i click load for a game,.. i for some reason must scroll all the way up to the board.. seems it would make sence that if i click load, it should re-anchor me on to the board to view what ive just loaded.. im just sayin.. its the little things that count too when making something of detailed quality. i want to feel like a member of royalty having results delivered to me on a golden platter... i don't wana walk to the kitchen to get it, hahaha.

ill add more as i think of it...

Scire hostis animum - Intelligere ludum - Nosce te ipsum - Prima moventur conciliat - Nolite errare


Posts: 2,223
Registered: Mar 4, 2007
From: San Francisco
Age: 45
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Re: Data Base Upgrade Ideas, by: Illusion
Posted: Aug 13, 2014, 10:19 PM

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Scire hostis animum - Intelligere ludum - Nosce te ipsum - Prima moventur conciliat - Nolite errare
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