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Topic: Concept: Do not extend too early
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Replies: 2   Views: 30,723   Pages: 1  

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Concept: Do not extend too early
Posted: Oct 11, 2008, 9:09 PM

Well, in another analysis thread it was discussed that there are times when extending too late, or rather not extending early enough can cost you the game. This is certainly true, although it happens more rarely than what we'll discuss here.

In this thread, let's show some concrete examples of when extending too early actually costs you the game. The reasons why it can be so costly generally breaks down into a few categories. First, it limits your options for later in the game. Second, it might give your opponent a critical extra stone to work with. But also, as happens here, extending can sometimes get you into cap trouble.

As it turns out, I just lost a game today for this very reason! In the game below, my opponent played an excellent game as black (player 2) and really made things difficult. However, I believe white could have still won this game by just eliminating the extension 13. O16 from the line. I'll leave it to you to determine how. (or let me know if I'm wrong!) And, please, no matter how much you hate the opening or the midgame play, assume nothing changes until move 13. Obviously there were other ways this game could have gone earlier on, that's not the point of the discussion here.

As a side note though, I am curious what people think is a good response to the following position. And again, do not comment on how it got to this position, just assume the stones are where they are and you have to determine the next move. This spot tripped me up a bit in a timed game and I assume there were better options.


Anyway, I'm sure you all can find some other examples of when extending early was literally the difference between losing and winning the game. It's an important concept that every player should be thinking about when playing -- should I extend right now, or can it wait until later? Get good at this decision and you will improve your results.


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Re: Concept: Do not extend too early
Posted: Oct 11, 2008, 10:00 PM

i think K13 for whites 6th can work. if black blocks at H13, then perhaps white responds with H10. i simply find blacks triangle as a false threat dead ending after a bit of complex moves are exsosted, although i could be mistaken, but i feel through complex moves and a close game white can force a win by this method. although and yes i use a different white 5th normaly, 2 actually i alternate between. how ever this 5th is nice aswell.
my original 5th was M12, and now its currently N13.
i think lepews started the M12 trend,..and currently i think richardiii is using the N13 method. well he used it last we played any how. i also belive N13 is jayfrejoles current method aswell.

i reviewed your game with several black moves. one of was the 2 split 3s to make a 3 on the 11 line,..but this didnt seem to beat white, white found a victory by captures threat when i pushed the line far enough on the board.

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Posts: 542
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From: Northeast USA
Re: Concept: Do not extend too early
Posted: Oct 12, 2008, 1:47 AM

Yes, K13 was my first choice and after a lot of thinking i decided that the black triangle in this case might be a real threat -- although I usually believe it's false like you've suggested.

For some reason I decided white's stones just didn't line up right to disrupt this perceived threat without setting up something along the L line to block or counter one of black's lines, so I started thinking about L15, L14, L12, and eventually I chose L11, I don't exactly remember why.

I'd be interested in hearing more thoughts about this position, and if anyone wants to post other examples of early extensions gone wrong, this is the thread for that.

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