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Topic: Wright vs. Norman
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Wright vs. Norman
Posted: Oct 31, 2014, 9:25 PM

Event "Stillwater Regional Tournament"
GameType "Pente"
Site "Stillwater, Oklahoma"
Date "1983.02.13"
Round "3"
White "Kenneth Wright"
Black "Bryan Norman"
Result "0-1"
Comment "Tenacious defensive play can sometimes outlast a dangerous attacker. Annotated by Tom Braunlich."

1. K10 J11
2. J13 G11
3. G13 L11?
4. H13 K11


Comment "Black's 4th and 5th moves are unnecessary extensions that hand over the initiative to White. Better is 4. ... K13 or 4. ... F13 immediately. An interesting variation is 4. ... K13 5. H11 J9 6. J10 (threatening 7. F13) 6. ... H10 7. F13 E13 8. F12 with advantage to White."

5. H11 M11
6. N11 K13

Comment "Using hindsight, perhaps 6. ... F13 would have been better. 6. ... K13 forms a diagonal potential for Black, but leaves him vulnerable to the left side."

7. F13 E13
8. G12! ...

Comment "A sacrifice to gain the initiative. Such moves beg to be played."

... G14*
9. G12 J10
10. E14 D15
11. J14 ...


Comment "While showing this game a few days later to Dan Allen, Warren Taylor and me, Wright said he thought 11. F11 instead of 11. 14 would have won here. But against 11. F11 Black seems to have adequate defenses. For example, if 11. F11 G13* 12. H13 J14 13. E10 D9 14. L12 J12! 15. H9* J10 16. H12* J14 17. J13 J8 18. J9 H8* 19. J9 K13*! 20. L14* J12 21. J13 G15! and with four captures to three, Black is winning. This is the first of several nice side variations of this game. Back to the game:"

... G13*
12. H13 K15

Comment "Black's K15 move forms a vertical line that gives him many defensive opportunities."

13. E10 ...

Comment "To understand this move, realize that White can't play the apparently crushing move, 13. H12 because Black would reply 13. ... F12! or even 13. ... J12! threatening a crucial capture across the tria. Therefore, White takes time out to eliminate Black's G11 stone."

... F11
14. E11* F11
15. H9! ...


Comment "Once again, White can't play 15. H12, but this time for a totally different reason. If 15. H12, Black replies 15. ... H9! ignoring the tria again! (If then 16. H14? K14* wins). Notice that this hypothetical defense would not have worked for Black at move 13, had White played 13. H12, e.g.: 13. ... H9? 14. J11 J14 15. F11! E10 16. F14* J14 17. F12 winning for White. But Black's stone at F11 as it is in the actual game position at move 15, this same variation would not win for White, thus allowing the beautiful defense of 15. ... H9 to work! Seeing this, White plays 15. H9! instead, threatening 16. H12 followed by 17 G10*. Black's reply is forced."

... H12

Comment "At least with this move Black has managed to cut off some of the White forces; but at the high price of two captures."

16. L12* J10
17. G15* G13
18. K11*?...

Comment "With victory in sight, White gets greedy, takes the tempting fourth capture, and loses the game! The winning move was 18. H7! (threatening 19. H8). If Black were to reply 18. ... H8, then White take the opportunity to play 19. J9! (which no longer walks into a capture) leaving the Black position defenseless against the loss of the two captures White needs to win. e.g. 19. ... E15 20. J12* or 19. ... K11 (best) 20. J12* J10 21. G9, ect."

... J9!

Comment "Since White threatens nothing immediate, Black takes the time to safeguard the only weak pair in his formation."

19. J8 E15
20. F14 H16*
21. F14 F15!

Comment "Black now threatens 22. ... C15 as well as 22. ... M13* followed by F12*. White has one last gasp."

22. G14 H14!
23. J15 F12*

Comment "Black's stone on H14 allows him to capture here without walking into a White counter-capture at H14! A wonderful finesse and a fitting conclusion to a beautiful game."

24. F14 M13*

Comment "Norman wins on captures."


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