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Topic: Pente World Championship
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Pente World Championship
Posted: Aug 25, 2000, 2:42 AM

I imagine there's been some discussion about this
on the message board.

It seems to me that
there's two steps to getting a Championship

First, a World Pente Organization would need to
established to officially sponsor and legitimize it. I know
there's a World Pente Association webpage, but it doesn't
seem to actually have any info about membership.
Perhaps this Yahoo club could be the start of such a

The other step, I think, is to pick a
larger event to affiliate the tournament with. A couple
of such events that come to my mind are the Mind
Sports Olympiad and the World Boardgame Championships.
For those who don't know about the WBC it takes place
in Baltimore (I don't think it changes locations). I
think the WBC's name is a bit presumptious because it
really is only involves (to date) Avalon Hill games and
German boardgames--no traditional boardgames (chess,
checkers, go, backgammon, etc.) whatsoever.

What do
you guys think? Does this sound reasonable? Where
would you like to see a championship take place?

This message was originally posted at Yahoo's pente group.

Replies: 0   Views: 9,607   Pages: 1  
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