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Topic: Oklahoma City tournament
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Replies: 1   Views: 31,383   Pages: 1  

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Oklahoma City tournament
Posted: Mar 2, 2003, 3:53 AM

To all -

I would like to encourage all players who can to come to the Oklahoma City tournament on Saturday, May 17th, 2003. I have now joined Mark Mammel, Dweebo, DmitriKing, Partica, and several other regular players at DSG as players who will be at the tournament. It is also anticipated that Tom Braunlich, former 3-time World Champion and author of 2 books on Pente strategy, and Bodo Kunz, the 1998 champion, will be at the tournament.

The entry fee is only $25 and ALL entry fees will be returned as prizes. It should be a good time for all. Another thing that will be at the tournament site on the same day will be the first meeting of the new World Pente Foundation. If you are there, you can be instrumental in determining the future direction of Pente.

There is a topic about this tournament that I would like to bring up. I would like to encourage everyone including the director(s) to take a day off work, come a day early, enjoy the fun, and take your time leaving! This is an event that may only come around every 3-5 years. The last one of this magnitude was in 1998.
At least a couple of us including myself will be arriving on Friday morning. Everyone will have more fun if we have PLENTY of time to talk in person and to play and analyze positions with players like the former World Champion. Also, we can help better plan and organize the meeting in advance so that Pente gets the maximum exposure in the future and so that there is never again a 13-15 year gap in major national tournaments. We can also communicate with Greg Strange about possibly assisting on the final particulars of getting the tournament set up.

I personally consider it to be like a once in a lifetime event because I was first ready to start entering Pente tournaments in 1984, shortly after the last one that they had before 1998. Then I didn't re-discover Pente until 1999 when I found www.itsyourturn.com. Since there's not been anything like this since 1998, I am very excited about attending and will be hanging around for as long as anyone is there.

I hope to see many of you there!

Gary Barnes


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Re: Oklahoma City tournament
Posted: Mar 15, 2003, 7:50 AM

Hi Pente World,

I just wanted to let the PENTE FANATICS know that I have wrote my check out for the entry fee for the Oklahoma City tournament. I have filled out the envelope and will be sending it out in the mail tomorrow.

It looks like I will be the tenth confirmed player heading to OKC. Dmitri King sent a message out on 1/27/03 which is almost two months ago. And at that time he was the fifth confirmed player. We only got FOUR MORE WEEKS before the deadline to get out our entry fees in.

There has been several great post on this tournament and I hope to see more. This tournament will be exciting for all levels of play. There will be a lot of great players for us to learn from and associate with. I am very excited and can't wait until the tournament.

I am sending this message out to hopefully create more excitement. Time is running out and with only FOUR weeks left to the deadline, we need to start sending in our entry fees. I would like to see us flood this tournament forum with players confirming they are sending there entry fee with a statement of there excitment about the tournament. And another post when they are confirmed at www.playpente.com.

I can't wait until May 17th when the pente fanaticals are invading Hideaway Pizza Restaurant in Oklahoma City enjoying the game of pente, associating with other players, and learning from each other. I get a rush thinking about this tournament and what I am going to learn from all the awesome players that I will meet face to face.


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