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Topic: Oklahoma City Pente Tournament
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Oklahoma City Pente Tournament
Posted: Jan 27, 2003, 7:16 PM

As many of you know by now, a live, over-the-board pente tournament is scheduled to take place in Oklahoma City On May 17th of this year. Thus far, a number of players, 30 I believe, I have expressed interest in the tournament, but only five have actually committed to going and sent in their entry fee.

I am now one of those five people, and I am hoping others wil soon follow. This will be a great opportunity for many of us to meet each other, and it would also be a step towards renewing interest in live tournaments, which used to be held evey year, until 1984 or sometime close to that.
If some of you are considering going but have not yet sent in the entry fee, I encourage you to do so! The more people that sign up, the more likely it is that others will do the same!

I realize that some will have to take an airplane trip to play in the tournament--I do not like flying but I am willing to do for the tournament. Initially, I thought the cost would be prohibitive; but, round trip tickets will be reasonable with advance purchase, and besides-- the cost is nothing compared with the number of hours I have spent playing pente. I'll just go out to eat less often, go to see fewer movies, or cut back in a few other places (since I don't really go out to eat or to the movies anyway).

For some, perhaps the cost is not an issue, but the hassle of gtting there is. I too worried about this, but, after all the hours I have spent playing pente, the travel time and effort seem less troublesome.

Well, that's all I have to say about it, I hope to see some of you there, I think this could be a great tournament!

-Dmitri King

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