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Topic: Reasons for removal of Dufus from tournament
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Replies: 2   Views: 31,125   Pages: 1  

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Reasons for removal of Dufus from tournament
Posted: Jan 14, 2003, 10:24 AM

To all concerned players –

Dufus was removed from the upcoming DSG tournament for numerous violations over a long period of time of the general code of conduct for Internet games that should be present from ANY player and especially from a very good player such as himself. We did not initially feel that it was appropriate for us to publicly state our reasons for doing this, so we sent him personally an E-mail informing him of our decision.

Based on the volume of posts, we now feel that we must state exactly what our reasons were for removing him from the tournament. This is because it is obvious that he or whoever has been communicating to everyone about it has not stated all of the facts that we have and that were relayed to him. We would consider the SUM TOTAL of all of these actions from him to be a reason to ban ANY player from the tournament, regardless of their ‘standing in the community’.

Here are the reasons as stated in the E-mail to Dufus:
1. Playing rated games pitting two of his OWN I.D.’s against one another. This was done with Dufus vs. Strategist and Dufus vs. Gamester.
2. Creating another brand-new I.D., ‘Bug_none’ within the last 1-2 months, entering the tournament with it, then ‘accidentally’ deleting it and requesting that Dweebo re-instate it. Apparently this was done in an attempt to enter the tourney as an unknown or to possibly enter the tournament with two I.D.’s.
3. Obvious intentional losses to weaker players by the ‘Bug_none’ I.D. after it went 17-0 to make it look ‘more normal’ or to ‘give’ some other players some rating points before deleting the I.D. This can be checked in the database. There were 6 consecutive losses by ‘Bug_none’ against lesser players. This is a ‘true’ 1800+ player playing.
4. Playing established players with new I.D.’s without telling them that they are playing a good player, such as was done with the ‘MaryC’ I.D. Both DmitriKing and I played ‘MaryC’ several times before we knew who it was. We are sure that many others had the same experience.
5. Creation and use of all of the following I.D.’s either recently or in the past: dufus, bug_none, strategist, gamester, maryc, elzorro, szorro, udaac, pcilit, and noundos. Some of these I.D.’s have been observed to play weak rated games against specific players.

We WERE aware of 4 of the 5 of these actions (not #2) one week before the end of the sign-up period and we had decided to overlook them, but it was not an issue because he had not signed up with his ‘Dufus’ I.D. at that time. This is because we are aware that Dufus is a VERY nice player, especially to newcomers to the site. We also know that he has helped several players improve their game to which everyone is grateful for. Unfortunately, after checking a cross-reference list from Dweebo and being informed that ‘Bug_none’ had attempted to enter the tourney and asked to have his account re-instated, we were finally unable to overlook the numerous violations.

The directors of the tournament have gone to a lot of effort in order to make sure that players are not engaging in unfair or manipulative practices in an effort to gain an advantage over unsuspecting players. At the same time, we don’t want to ‘scare off’ otherwise innocent players who perhaps have created multiple I.D.’s for whatever reason or play more ‘loosely’ against lesser players or their friends.

We want EVERYONE at the site to have fun in both tournament and non-tournament play without worrying about doing something wrong. No one has anything to worry about if they have created multiple I.D.’s. If players want to play ‘in disguise’ with a new I.D., that’s their choice, although it is preferred that they let their opponents know. It only becomes a problem when they do ALL of the things stated above.

One final note, Dufus has been invited to play in the next tournament if he does not engage in any more questionable activities.

Gary Barnes, DSG Pente tournament co-director


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Re: Reasons for removal of Dufus from tournament
Posted: Jan 14, 2003, 11:17 AM



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Re: Reasons for removal of Dufus from tournament
Posted: Jan 14, 2003, 12:13 PM

It is nice to know the reasoning behind these things. Any attempt to unduely change the rating of a player, either yourself or another, doesn't help anyone. If I rate well, I want it to be becuase I play well, not becuase somebody let me win.

As for the tournament violations, I think it is more than enough to permanently ban a player, and I think it shows your kindness for allowing this person to play in the next one.

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