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Topic: Killer Championship Tourney Matches
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Killer Championship Tourney Matches
Posted: Jan 17, 2010, 3:17 PM

Zoey and Mel brought it in killer form this tourney and I just wanted to say thanks to them for putting on a fight thats been so fun to watch, and to administration (Partica) and Dweebo for facilitating the whole thing. The giving that you guys do is the stuff that a lot of good times and memories for me and many others are made of.

Way to bring it Zoey and Mel and congratulations to who I'd hafta describe as THE most tenacious and brutally dedicated player I've seen(Zoey for the Victory after what like 5 sets all total in the last couple months was it?). On a sidenote as I evaluated that statement before I made it, it occurred to me that Karen was a pretty darned close 2nd too tho lol......2006 Karen and 2009 Zoey woulda gotten along like bionic kittens in a sack of tazers methinks. I digress.

No I'm not sucking up and no I'm not 'trying' to counter anything or make anything so lame as a 'statement'. The games were SIC, and admin doesn't hear it (or at least I don't say it) often enough (especially if you've ever worked that side of an undertaking like this place......its an eye-opener to be sure, not just with the day to day duties, but the negativity can be overwhelming and truly bizarre oftentimes) that they aren't taken for granted. Thanks you guys. Even if you are too good to talk to me rather than about me. Now go back to deleting my posts.

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