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Topic: Fall 2005 D-Pente tournament started
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Fall 2005 D-Pente tournament started
Posted: Nov 7, 2005, 5:30 PM

Welcome all D-Pente players to the Fall 2005 tournament!

The timer bug I think will not happen again, I implemented a work-around. So lets start this thing, all first round games must be completed by November 20th at midnight EST.

Details of the tournament:

1. This message is posted at the tournament forum. This is the best way to communicate with your opponents and Mark Mammel (mmammel), this tournaments director. Please use it to schedule your matches.

2. Figure out who you are matched with by going to the tournaments area at DSG and checking the page for this tournament.

3. When negotiating when to play your opponent, remember about time zone differences! You can check the players profile to see what time zone they are in and how much it differs from your own. DSG time is EST and is displayed on all web pages and in the game rooms, so you might consider using that as a common time to meet. If you are not on eastern standard time, then update your profile and specify your time zone to make scheduling easier.

4. The tournament format is double-elimination, so you play one game as white, one as black. If you win or lose both the round is over. If you win one and lose one then you must play another 2 games. See the tournament rules for more details.

5. Play all tournament games in the correct server room so they are recorded properly.

From past tournaments I can tell you that scheduling a time to play can be frustrating and a pain, it might just ruin your tournament experience. My advice is to not wait, go to the tournament forum and tell your opponent when you can play right NOW! Or send them a message through DSG. If you say you can play at a certain time and your opponent says ok, SHOW UP! If you can't seem to find a time to play let me know the sooner the better. If we have to give forfeits, then the player who is making a bigger effort to get the match completed will get the wins, everytime.


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Pente Rocks!
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