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Topic: Cancel Feature in TB
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Replies: 3   Views: 28,029   Pages: 1  

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Cancel Feature in TB
Posted: Nov 4, 2007, 5:19 PM

Ok so the scenario goes like this.....a player posts X amount of games to the general invite area and 1 of 2 things happen-A) A malicious player takes all the invites, or B) a player who isn't thinking very well takes all the invites (I know when you first developed TB that I thought the 'waiting games' were invitations to me exclusively lol.....as it turns out, the earth rotates around the SUN) and the player who posted the games is now relegated to a life of boredom and suffering, not unlike Ghandi.

BK has an answer for this in that when games are "picked up", the posting player then has the option to play or cancel before any more moves are made (the entire set or group of games as posted, that is.....players may not pick and choose to cherry-pick openings, etc.) This is the 3rd time this problem has presented itself to me here Dweebo.....any chance for implementation of a similar feature?

PS-It'd also be handy to have a column in the active games display to show pending cancellations (to enable ease of browsing and recognition of which games belong to the set that the cancel is req'd for without having to open each game one at a time).....

PSS-Ok so i sent an email to the player asking them to cancel all but 1 or 2 sets (out of 10) since I'm looking for diversity in play, etc.....and they cancelled most of them but the 6 games I continued to play in, they RESIGNED.....sad if ya ask me, and avoidable with implementation of aforementioned requested and potentially mucho appreciateded feature

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Re: Cancel Feature in TB
Posted: Nov 5, 2007, 3:12 PM

Yes something like that is a good idea.

I realize the "waiting games" was/is confusing and some people thought the invites were just to them. I tried to add some text on the page to clear that up a little but more needs to be done about it.


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Re: Cancel Feature in TB
Posted: Nov 5, 2007, 4:35 PM

LOL.....I was just trying to jog your memory re: the first games you posted there Dweebo....remember? I took like 8 sets you posted thinking that I had won some weird admiration from you (I was rated at like 1500 or so then and you were like 1900+.....I was like, "Wow! He must be a fan!! )


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Re: Cancel Feature in TB
Posted: Nov 10, 2009, 6:51 PM

I also think this feature should exist. Sometimes I accept an open invitation, but 7 days later the opponent runs out of time on the first move. I think players sometimes create games, but then forget about them and pente.org altogether.

I have implemented a solution for me, but in general I think the cancel feature would be helpful.

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