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Topic: Welcome to the Pente - March 2005 Open
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Welcome to the Pente - March 2005 Open
Posted: Mar 3, 2005, 4:24 PM

Welcome to the tournament! I am very pleased that we have 40 players playing, thank you all for participating.

The first round matchups have been created, you can view them at http://pente.org/gameServer/tournaments
I set them up last night and I see that we already have one match complete between up2ng and frenchafry, woohoo, I guess things are working well then.

So, go find out which section you are in, then come back here and find the thread for your section. Post when you can play in that thread, I see section 2 is on the ball with 2 posts already. It might be nice if the whole section could coordinate a time to play, but that will not always be possible. Scheduling is always tricky, so start planning now, otherwise you'll run out of time, all games must be finished by Friday, March 18th Midnight EST. If you don't finish, someone will be forced to forfeit the match. If you are having problems coordinating, post to the forums about it, I will be monitoring everything and will try to help. If the match still doesn't get played, I will try to determine which player was the problem and give them the forfeit, or maybe BOTH players will get the forfeit. One other note, you might want to setup a forum "Watch" on your section's thread so you receive all communications by email, I will be watching the whole forum.

Remember to play your games in the new room specified for the tournament, don't play in the main room! You can choose which room to login to from the play page, (if you use JWS it will be an option upon login), or you can switch between the rooms once you have joined the lobby.

If there are problems
Post to the forum immediately! Always post to the forum! In the event of a major problem, such as DSG crashing in the middle of your game (oh please no!), let me know and I can find the moves of the game before the crash. Then restart the game with those same moves. It's not a perfect solution but it's better than nothing.

Please don't cheat, this is supposed to be fun, it's not all about winning! Please review the rules regarding cheating again before you start playing, anyone caught cheating will be immediately disqualified.


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Pente Rocks!
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