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Topic: Historical ratings of (mostly) TB Pente players
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Historical ratings of (mostly) TB Pente players
Posted: Apr 29, 2019, 7:44 PM

The upcoming change to the ratings formula here and a question from Karlw awhile back as to how I think players stacked up against each other have had me thinking about Pente ratings recently, so when I ran across Oleg Stepanov's old list rating Pente players (it was created sometime before 2007, but I'm not sure when exactly) and noticed it was missing some familiar old time names from IYT and here such as Richardiii, Dmitri King, Kevin Sackett and Brf I thought I'd dig out some historical Pente ratings from Brainking for comparison.

Oleg's list can be found at http://stepanov.lk.net/pente/index.html

a few additional nicknames:
Gary Barnes - progambler

Peter Hewitt - dweebo

Victor Barykin - lanser

I don't know how the list was calculated, what games were used to calculate it, etc. I suspect Tom Braunlich was added to the list on the basis of his OTB play in 2003 against Gary Barnes, Dmitri King et al. (which makes the absence of Dmitri more surprising) and that Rollie Tesh was added on the basis of historical games against Sjustice, willjust, Tom Braunlich, et al. However, this is just speculation on my part. If this is the case, then some of the games used in calculating these ratings were OTB, while others were turn based.

Anyway, for comparison purposes, here are some names from the list above which also show up on a 2005 ratings list from Brainking:

2287 nosovs 2522

2123 mmammel 2103

2099 basplund 2117

2054 dweebo 2249

#18 on the BK list, Kurupt, is Kevin Sackett.

Apparently, BK must have made a change to their rating system sometime between 2005 and 2006. I wasn't active on the site during that period, so I don't know exactly how the rating system was changed, but perhaps Brf or someone else who was active in that era can fill us in.

Anyway, below are links for BK rating lists for 2005 and 2006. Draw your own conclusions about where various missing players might fit into Stepanov's list.



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