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Topic: 1980-Tournament style
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Re: 1980-Tournament style
Posted: May 26, 2019 6:06 PM

Watsu, I must admit defeat as you actually found a game whereas the Winner was outscored by the Loser. Congratulations ! However, not to belittle your success, several trips to and from the pool I had to endure only to find your efforts to obscure the self-assigned task with incorrect, but nicely displayed, ties was just sad .

Unfortunately, you should take care of those chores you neglected while involved in this snipe hunt. No doubt you can feed the cat, take the dog for a stroll, clean the bird cage, wash the car, and take out the trash; all the while doing them cheerfully, with a very big grin !

You've earned it!

So, my little doggie and I will just go down to the beach with our blanket, umbrella, and picnic basket and eat a large helping of crow !

Replies: 15   Views: 2,848   Pages: 2   [ Previous | 1 2 ]
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